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To die would be an awfully big adventure. I don't know why I really like this quote. But I'm weird as shit and you guys just need to get along with it. Hahaha. I make GIFs sometimes. Arrow. Avatar:TLAB. Awkward. Faking It. Falling Skies. Game Of Thrones. Grimm. Misfits. New Girl. Once Upon A Time. Sherlock. Sleepy Hollow. Suits. Teen Wolf. The Legend of Korra. Under The Dome. The Tomorrow People. Horror movie fan. Marvel. Hopeless Romantic girl. Parachute. 5SOS. The Vamps. Hot Chelle Rae. Daughtry. Ed Sheeran. Imagine Dragons. Jason Mraz. Lawson. New Heights. Simple Plan. And yes, I like the boy bands from before: Westlife, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, A1. And the most important thing ever: BOOK WORM. Nuff said. Welcome to my blog! :)
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Ignite Me

So…. it’s been a verrrryyyyyy long time since I made a review about a book. (The last time was on November 26, 2013) I’ve been busy. Realllyyyyy busy. I kinda hate school because of this. It makes me sooo busy. But I don’t have a choice considering that I’d be graduating next year!

So! Ignite Me came out like months and ages ago. But I didn’t got the chance to read it immediately. Until Tahereh and the gang came to the Philippines, I still wasn’t able to open the book even to the first page. And I think I kinda set it aside when I read some spoilers telling me that Adam doesn’t end up with Juliette! I mean, I was rooting for them. But through out the last book of the Shatter Me series, I’ve come in terms with Warner and who he really is.

So… if you have read by brief description of the Ignite Me series in my bookworm page, you’d realize that I actually kinda praised Warner there. I mean… it’s not everyday that you would suddenly like a villain out of nowhere. And like I stated on that very short description, I’ve only liked three villains so far. These are the villains that no matter how evil they are or even if they kill a whole bunch of people, you still like them and root for them because there’s some broken and fragile side to them.

Of course, making that list would be Loki, I mean… who doesn’t love Loki? Then we have Seth from the Covenant Series which sooooo hot and sooooo broken that even though he’s being a douche, you’d let it pass and you would still understand him. And then there’s Warner. I don’t know about this dude. I mean… yeah. I hated him at first. Despised him, even. But then there were chapters where in he would almost appear human and I was like… what the hell is wrong with this guy?

I’ll move on from Warner to the story first. I think I started reading Ignite Me last April? Or was it March? I can’t really remember. But I’ve been reading it slowly. I sometimes stop for like weeks before reading again. Again, I blame school. But finally… yesterday, this typhoon hit us pretty bad and so the electricity was down. My laptop wasn’t charged and I didn’t know what to do. I suddenly glanced at my books and then there it was- Ignite Me- seducing me to finally finish it. Mind you, I’ve only got like 50 pages to go before it was over. And so I did.

The story was good. I mean… considering how much of a whiner Juliette was in Unravel Me. I hated her guts in that second book. Everyone wanted her to fight and to show her strength and she just keeps on sulking and walking around like it might actually do something good. And I felt really heartbroken when she and Adam broke up. I liked them! Not that I didn’t like her with Warner too. But in those first books, Warner seemed a little like a psychotic moron. Of course that was until I read Destroy Me, which was in Warner’s POV. He was just a broken boy, really.

What happens in Ignite Me, you ask? Well, Training. Training. Talking. Finding each other. Adam being a Douche. Sex. More training. Adam still being a douche. And finally… revenge. Wow. I think that sums it up. But I really like the way Tahereh ended this thing. Adam’s transformation was a little bit unnerving. I mean… why does he have to be soooo angry? but then again, I understand him. He only wants James to be safe and I can’t get angry at him considering that he really loves his little brother. it was the kind of love that he’d sacrifice his life for. But it wasn’t right that he was being a douche. I got really pissed at him. And I wanted to strangle him in the first few pages of Ignite Me.

Juliette became less of a bitch in the third book. She started to realize her potentials and she really started to think about revenge and just killing Anderson. I mean… getting shot at the chest is really painful (Not that I experienced it already or anything). But it was good that she finally had the courage to control her abilities and fight. She wasn’t that scared little girl anymore. She was this brave and determined woman fixed on destroying the Re-establishment. And I liked how everyone supported her. Castle, who was really affected the most when Omega Point got destroyed; who somehow became alive again when Juliette announced they were gonna bring down that Anderson son of a bitch, even Adam and Kenji!

OMG. Don’t get me started on Kenji. 

If only Warner didn’t exist, I’d totally want Juliette and Kenji to end up together. Kenji is just pure awesome, I can’t say anything else.

The book was kinda fast paced as I observed and I think Anderson died just a little too fast. I think it would have been better if he kinda like… died after a few more days or months so that he can suffer more. But I think that’s just how things go. I accept the fact that Warner ended up with Juliette. Warner changed in my eyes starting Destroy Me and I know that he only needed love and someone to cling to.

And his reaction when he found out that Adam and James were his brothers! I want to cry but I didn’t. Just like what Juliette said, Warner lost a mother on the same week he gained two brothers and I think that kinda made him more human. Not that he wasn’t human before, but it made him more… himself. If you know what I mean.

I think I didn’t really say anything about the story. But then again, I don’t wanna spoil the other people who might come across this and read the spoilers. So… if you want a detailed review… read the book. It’s worth it. Congratulations, Tahereh for a great book. And because of that… I’ll give this 8.5 out of 10. Hooray!




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Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 4 “The Benefactor”

You’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf. Like me.


Sorry. I just had to do it

Hahahahahahaha. Sorry if I insulted you, Voldemort-but-with-the-mouth-thing-ax-murdering-psycho. But I just had to do this

Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 4 “The Benefactor”

LOL. Hahahahahahaha. This must be sooooo insulting for him.

Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 4 “The Benefactor”

Please just let Lydia and Stiles happen. Sorry, Malia. But I’m team Stydia! 

Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 4 “The Benefactor”

Stiles is human and it’s the very best thing. *screams*

But his expression tho, after Liam asked him what he was now. There was a moment when it almost looked like he remembered everything that happened when he was still possessed by the Nogitsune. But it’s alright nowwww. he’s back to normal. He’s back to being Human and perfect.

Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 4 “The Benefactor”

Oh, Derek and your sarcasm. *ovaries explode*

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Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 4 “The Benefactor”