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To die would be an awfully big adventure. I don't know why I really like this quote. But I'm weird as shit and you guys just need to get along with it. Hahaha. I make GIFs sometimes. Arrow. Avatar:TLAB. Awkward. Faking It. Falling Skies. Game Of Thrones. Grimm. Misfits. New Girl. Once Upon A Time. Sherlock. Sleepy Hollow. Suits. Teen Wolf. The Legend of Korra. Under The Dome. The Tomorrow People. Horror movie fan. Marvel. Hopeless Romantic girl. Parachute. 5SOS. The Vamps. Hot Chelle Rae. Daughtry. Ed Sheeran. Imagine Dragons. Jason Mraz. Lawson. New Heights. Simple Plan. And yes, I like the boy bands from before: Westlife, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, A1. And the most important thing ever: BOOK WORM. Nuff said. Welcome to my blog! :)
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Okay. CITY OF HEAVENLY FREAKING FIRE. I know. I’m quite late in reading this book yet again. But like I always say in my recent reviews, I blame school. But since classes are somewhat done for me at the moment, I was finally able to finish this freaking thick book.

It’s the 6th and final book in The Mortal Instruments series and I’m happy it’s finally coming to an end. I mean, at first, I thought there were only 3 books in the series but then Cassandra Clare decided to add 3 more which was quite great because I love the story but it would have been better if she added 3 more for The Infernal Devices because DUHHHH! WILLIAM HERONDALE AND JAMES CARSTAIRSSSSSS!!!!! (Although there are 2 more series I think after TID which will involve Will, Tessa, Jem but mostly Will and Tessa’s children OMG)

Anywayyyy… We are here to talk about City of Heavenly Freaking Fire. I liked it. Loved it even. I like how Cassandra ended the book. The story fit perfectly together although some scenes were really predictable. I don’t want to put out any specific scenes just in case some of you guys still haven’t read the book. But all in all, I LOVED IT. I even cried because TESSA AND JEM !!!!!!

But that will be reserved for later. I like Emma and Julian and Julian’s siblings. I dunno. I just feel like The Dark Artifices will be great! Since they will be Parabatai, I think it will be harder to establish the love story but nevertheless, it will be exciting because I know that the characters from TMI or maybe even Tessa and Jem will have an appearance in this new series and I’m just excited for it!! Team Julian all the way! Although, I really feel sad for Mark. I wish they can get him back though.

As for the other characters in the book. As usual, I ship Clary and Jace and the both of them are just badass in this last book. Especially Clary who seemed a little bit scared before. But in this book, she became strong and brave and I’m happy for her with that improvement. As usual, Jace is being the Herondale he is, which is just adorable and sarcastic and lovely. I can almost see Will in him. Even Tessa and Jem thought so too. (OMG) But I just found the “sex scene” err… really inappropriate? I mean.. they were in the freaking Demon Realms! It was Hell! And then they decided to have sex. Well, I think it was like a last minute impulse since they thought they’d die there so why not do it now! (Just like Will and Tessa in Clockwork Princess. They also had sex just when they thought they were about to die and then Magnus came and saw them! HAHAHA. One of the best scenes in that book, mind you.) So, maybe that was just my issue. Because come on! They were still bloody 16? or 17? Like I said way way before in my previous reviews, the story in TMI is really fast paced.

SIMON LEWIS. Freaking Simon Lewis. I always loved him. Really loved him. (Now, for some GIFs of Ed Sheehan, the most perfect Simon Lewis out there.)

He was awesome as a Mundane. Became more awesome as a Vampire. Became uncontrollably awesome as a Daylighter. Became stunningly awesome as a bearer of the Mark of Cain and became awesome still as a Mundane again. I’m so sorry If I’m spoiling you guys. but yes, Simon became a mundane again. And I think I’m happy. It was the loophole Cassandra Clare was looking for so that Simon and Isabelle can happen. Because I think everyone will flip out if they don’t happen, or if they do happen but Isabelle will die while Simon would live on because he’s immortal. It will just suck. It’s like Tessa and Will all over again.

Although there was a price with Simon being mortal again, I’m still happy that slowly, things are getting back to him. And I just can’t stop the feels! Magnus is awesome for talking to him like that outside their school. I really love Magnus simply just for being Magnus. And one more thing I’m happy about is that SIMON WILL BE A FREAKING SHADOWHUNTER. Since the Clave badly needs new Shadowhunters after everything that happened. I can’t wait and see what will happen to Simon and Isabelle. I ship those two. So hard.

As for Magnus and Alec. Gods. I’m happy they’re back together. I actually like Alec in this book better because aside from the fact that we get to see more of his character, he finally is opening up to the thought if downworlders. Especially Simon. Congrats to that brother! As for Magnus, well… Magnus is Magnus. Enough said.

Sebastian. I am angry at him. Still pissed off with everything he has done. But at the end… I felt pity for him. He was a boy who was never given a chance to live. Because of the experiments done on him, he was never normal and it’s sad that Clary and Jocelyn was able to see the boy he should have been. He should have been that good brother Clary saw in her vision when they fell to the Demon Realm. In the end, I just felt sad that he did not become that person. I would have loved him. I mean, even in Clary’s vision, I liked that Sebastian more. Or no, I liked that Jonathan more. I’m happy Sebastian is dead. but I’m sad Jonathan died with him too. But at least at the very end, he kinda did make things right. 


It has to be every little scene involving Brother Zachariah (James Carstairs) and even Tessa and even scenes with only thoughts of Will and the past. I can’t explain my feels. Ugh! I didn’t know I was soooo attached with The Infernal Devices because every time I come across Brother Zachariah (James) and Tessa or thoughts of Will, I freaking scream. It’s like looking back at their lives a hundred years ago. it’s like throwing a throwback. And that’s when I freaking crumbled into a pile of emotions.

I cried because of Tessa and Jem. Because they’re finally together and Jem is mortal thanks to Jace. And I don’t feel angry because they’re together. I feel happy. I don’t feel sad for Will because I know Will is happy that they are together. And the feels because Tessa still remembers Will and wonders about him and Jem is always loving and caring and UGH!!!! GO ON READ PEASANTS!! SO THAT YOU CAN UNDERSTAND MY EMOTIONS!!

I can’t even explain it. But it’s like Tessa and Jem were there to see what happened to everything now and how they were connected to their past. How the both of them saw generations and generations of Herondales and came to see Jace now and look at him and see Will. It’s like for them, they’ve found traces of Will in Jace. And I love how they appeared in the last book. Although it would have been nice if they explained who they really were to the gang. It would have been epic. And Jem got reunited with Church! The feels in that too! OMG.

Literally, I think I liked the book better because of James and Tessa and thoughts of Will. But the main characters also did good. Especially Jace, Clary and Simon. This series has been a long ride but it was worth it. I thank Jan Mark again for introducing this to me. The series was perfect. Now, I would just wait for The Dark Artifices. Yay! So… I had a lot of favourite lines in the book, (So many feels when Jace decided to be a Herondale) but this one was the best, so far:

"We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss."

-James Carstairs (Brother Zachariah)

Of course, the feels in that line. (OMMMMGGGGG)

So, CITY OF HEAVENLY FUCKING FIRE. I’ll give it a 5 out of 5. Congratulations Cassandra Clare!!!

derek & talia

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Derek has become one of my favorite fictional characters. There aren’t a lot of them.

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i thought the second gif was frozen but then i saw the light moving in the background

fun fact: benedict cumberbatch has stated that harrison ford is his hero so realistically; when harrison ford said this; he really did have a system shutdown because he probably thought he would never get to meet him. 

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Okay. The last time I wrote a review, it was for freaking Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi and that was like… weeks ago? Yeah, I think it was weeks ago. But I read TFIOS the same time I finished Ignite Me and I don’t know why I only wrote the review now. Again, I blame school. But alas, school is done (Well, kinda. I still have my internship but for now, it’s our freaking VACATION!!!)

So, anyway. The Fault In Our Stars. I’ve put this book off for like ages. I don’t know why I didn’t want to read it. Maybe because I knew that Augustus Waters would die? I don’t really know. I felt like I don’t want to go through another book where in I would cry in the end because a major character would die. I don’t want to go through Clockwork Princess all over again (And If you don’t know what I mean here… then I’m happy for you guys, you still haven’t experienced true pain. WILL! </3)

I’ve been expecting a major heartbreak here, like what I’ve experienced with Clockwork Princess. But I don’t know. The book just lacked. I’m sorry to all the John Green fans out there! I mean… I don’t have anything against John Green or his characters but I just think the book missed something very important. It lacked a well established “story”.

I know. There was a story. But it was not well established. It’s like… John just stated that Hazel have cancer and then she met Gus and then they hung out, and then they went to Amsterdam and then Gus died. The potential for a love story was there, but it wasn’t that implicated. Yes, maybe some of you would say that the book wasn’t a love story, that it focused more on life and about being alive. But let’s face it here, there was a potential love story there between Hazel and Gus. And I just didn’t feel it. Let’s take for example when Gus died. I didn’t really feel how Hazel mourned for him. For me, it’s like… she cried because a friend just died. And I know that they were friends but I think for Hazel, Gus was something more and I just didn’t feel the pain. It was there, mind you. There was some pain, but not enough to eventually prove to me that she indeed loved Gus. Like I said earlier, it lacked. I was expecting a major heartbreak. Although I think John doesn’t want the readers to see the typical result if someone you loved die, I think he should have at least shown how someone would truly behave once someone died.

I don’t want to compare TFIOS with A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks, but AWTR had a well established story. The story line was very well made and I felt the love. I felt the pain when Jamie died. I felt how Landon felt when Jamie died. I felt how much he loved Jamie. As for Hazel, it didn’t feel that way. I know they have different stories and they have different styles of writing, but it would have been better if John established the story more. I don’t know if I’m the only one who felt this way.

But don’t get me wrong. The story was great. When the story was about to end, I thought I wouldn’t cry. But I did because come on! Augustus Waters was dying! And Gus was amazing. I mean, who wouldn’t cry?

And Isaac’s eulogy? Come on. I love Isaac. And I think I’m kinda hoping Isaac would end up with Hazel. (Or not) Okayyyyyy. This idea is just at the back of my head. haha

But the thought of dying because of cancer in a very young age is terrifying. I would know. There was a moment in my life, in the past months actually, that I was terrified because of the possibility of having cancer. I kept on thinking, wow, this is bullshit. (I still haven’t read TFIOS when the ultrasound found solid thyroid nodules in my neck). Even my friends said that Hazel started out having thyroid cancer and I was like, fuck this shit. But then the biopsy came back and the results were benign but I still can’t shake the feeling off my head. There was still a possibility for me to have cancer. And I think that chance is still there. We’ll see what happens in the next months. But, being in Hazel’s shoes is quite difficult. Cancer is difficult and John Green showed the beauty and the dark side of cancer. He showed how all of us should always live our lives to the fullest because we never know what will happen tomorrow. It’s better to have done everything you wanted to do today than regret everything tomorrow.

All in all, the book was nice. It was good. It made me cry. but my only issue was the establishment of the story. But nevertheless, it showed us the meaning of life and how we should live it. My favorite part of the book perhaps was Chapter 19. The part where Gus tells the family how Hazel’s breath was taken away when she saw him naked. The part where Gus’ father tells hazel: “I thank God for you every day, kid.” And that’s my favorite part because it’s like Gus’ father was telling her that if it wasn’t for her, Gus wouldn’t have the courage to laugh and be happy at that very hour even with his condition.

So, The Fault in our Stars. I’d give it a 3.9 out of 5. Well done, John. Well done. (I still need to see the movie though. I’m prepared to cry)

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Ignite Me

So…. it’s been a verrrryyyyyy long time since I made a review about a book. (The last time was on November 26, 2013) I’ve been busy. Realllyyyyy busy. I kinda hate school because of this. It makes me sooo busy. But I don’t have a choice considering that I’d be graduating next year!

So! Ignite Me came out like months and ages ago. But I didn’t got the chance to read it immediately. Until Tahereh and the gang came to the Philippines, I still wasn’t able to open the book even to the first page. And I think I kinda set it aside when I read some spoilers telling me that Adam doesn’t end up with Juliette! I mean, I was rooting for them. But through out the last book of the Shatter Me series, I’ve come in terms with Warner and who he really is.

So… if you have read by brief description of the Ignite Me series in my bookworm page, you’d realize that I actually kinda praised Warner there. I mean… it’s not everyday that you would suddenly like a villain out of nowhere. And like I stated on that very short description, I’ve only liked three villains so far. These are the villains that no matter how evil they are or even if they kill a whole bunch of people, you still like them and root for them because there’s some broken and fragile side to them.

Of course, making that list would be Loki, I mean… who doesn’t love Loki? Then we have Seth from the Covenant Series which sooooo hot and sooooo broken that even though he’s being a douche, you’d let it pass and you would still understand him. And then there’s Warner. I don’t know about this dude. I mean… yeah. I hated him at first. Despised him, even. But then there were chapters where in he would almost appear human and I was like… what the hell is wrong with this guy?

I’ll move on from Warner to the story first. I think I started reading Ignite Me last April? Or was it March? I can’t really remember. But I’ve been reading it slowly. I sometimes stop for like weeks before reading again. Again, I blame school. But finally… yesterday, this typhoon hit us pretty bad and so the electricity was down. My laptop wasn’t charged and I didn’t know what to do. I suddenly glanced at my books and then there it was- Ignite Me- seducing me to finally finish it. Mind you, I’ve only got like 50 pages to go before it was over. And so I did.

The story was good. I mean… considering how much of a whiner Juliette was in Unravel Me. I hated her guts in that second book. Everyone wanted her to fight and to show her strength and she just keeps on sulking and walking around like it might actually do something good. And I felt really heartbroken when she and Adam broke up. I liked them! Not that I didn’t like her with Warner too. But in those first books, Warner seemed a little like a psychotic moron. Of course that was until I read Destroy Me, which was in Warner’s POV. He was just a broken boy, really.

What happens in Ignite Me, you ask? Well, Training. Training. Talking. Finding each other. Adam being a Douche. Sex. More training. Adam still being a douche. And finally… revenge. Wow. I think that sums it up. But I really like the way Tahereh ended this thing. Adam’s transformation was a little bit unnerving. I mean… why does he have to be soooo angry? but then again, I understand him. He only wants James to be safe and I can’t get angry at him considering that he really loves his little brother. it was the kind of love that he’d sacrifice his life for. But it wasn’t right that he was being a douche. I got really pissed at him. And I wanted to strangle him in the first few pages of Ignite Me.

Juliette became less of a bitch in the third book. She started to realize her potentials and she really started to think about revenge and just killing Anderson. I mean… getting shot at the chest is really painful (Not that I experienced it already or anything). But it was good that she finally had the courage to control her abilities and fight. She wasn’t that scared little girl anymore. She was this brave and determined woman fixed on destroying the Re-establishment. And I liked how everyone supported her. Castle, who was really affected the most when Omega Point got destroyed; who somehow became alive again when Juliette announced they were gonna bring down that Anderson son of a bitch, even Adam and Kenji!

OMG. Don’t get me started on Kenji. 

If only Warner didn’t exist, I’d totally want Juliette and Kenji to end up together. Kenji is just pure awesome, I can’t say anything else.

The book was kinda fast paced as I observed and I think Anderson died just a little too fast. I think it would have been better if he kinda like… died after a few more days or months so that he can suffer more. But I think that’s just how things go. I accept the fact that Warner ended up with Juliette. Warner changed in my eyes starting Destroy Me and I know that he only needed love and someone to cling to.

And his reaction when he found out that Adam and James were his brothers! I want to cry but I didn’t. Just like what Juliette said, Warner lost a mother on the same week he gained two brothers and I think that kinda made him more human. Not that he wasn’t human before, but it made him more… himself. If you know what I mean.

I think I didn’t really say anything about the story. But then again, I don’t wanna spoil the other people who might come across this and read the spoilers. So… if you want a detailed review… read the book. It’s worth it. Congratulations, Tahereh for a great book. And because of that… I’ll give this 8.5 out of 10. Hooray!